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Linux Device Drivers Interview Questions And Answers Pdf


DELL: 1.Explain the projects what u have done 2.IPC,memory management, process management 3.Socket programming 4.Delete a node in the list 5.find a word in a buffer Telephonic for CISCO: Linux 1. Search for the string) - Harsh April 16, 2011 | Report Duplicate | Flag Goldman Sachs Software Engineer / Developer Linux Kernel -1 of 1 vote 3 Answers Write code for It's an integer number mainly used to provide the association between the device driver and device file . What is x86 and what are the registers used 8. check over here

Different segments in a program 6. MultiThreading Threads, of course, allow for multi-threading. HARMAN: 1.How to create buffers in Kernel? 2.What is the difference b/w kmalloc and vmalloc 3.How buffer is copied to user level 4.Explain working of interrupts 5.Expalin about the projects mentioned How many lines required for SPI communication?

Linux Device Drivers Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

what is a static variable or static function? 12. HARMAN ->How can you avoid accessing of an array beyond its limits? ->Whether an exception or normal operation when an array is accessed beyond its limits? .................................................................................................................................................................. Brief about yourself? 2.

const and volatile 3. How will you access heap? A = 10000000000 B = 0110 i = 2 j= 6 o/p =10000001100?? 2.how to implement own malloc function. 3.how to delete duplicate node in single linked list. Windows Device Driver Interview Questions about Null pointer 6.

Note : for new drivers, we stronglysuggest that you use dynamic allocation to obtain your major device number, rather than choosing a number randomly from the ones that are currently free. Linux Device Model Wissel hier. Working... https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-good-interview-questions-on-Linux-kernel-programming write a Cprogrameto check given string ispalindromeor not. 2.Write a C programe to reverse a string. 3.write a C programme to copy a string to other char pointer 4.write a C

Also, a process can contain multiple threads. Linux Programming Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced What is the benefit of this? And that is why the Linux kernel can only be compiled using GCC-based compilers -- a closely knit bond. Q4) How would you allocate memory in kernel?

Linux Device Model

Define performance How to debug crash. He is B.Tech from IIT and MS from USA.In this lecture you will learn1. Linux Device Drivers Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Cancel Unsubscribe Working... Linux Kernel Interview Questions Qualcomm So, once they are executed during bootup, the kernel frees up RAM by removing them (by freeing the init section).

Selecteer land Australia België (Nederlands) Belgique (Français) Canada (English) Canada (Français) Deutschland France India Ireland Nederland Österreich Schweiz (Deutsch) Suisse (Français) United Kingdom United States Vacatures Bedrijfsreviews Salarissen Gesprekken Accountinstellingen Accountinstellingen check my blog Static Drivers vs Dynamic Driver? 10.Diff SLAB and Vmalloc 11.copy_to_user and copy_from_user? 12. File1: int arr1[1000]; Main() { } File2: Int arr2[2000]; Main() { } Hint: File size is same 7.Lastly worked project details and design 8.Bit manipulation - To set a bit at Which component handles it Linux ------ 1. What Are The Differences Between Vmalloc And Kmalloc? Which Is Preferred To Use In Device Drivers?

if not disabled why not disabled? ->When a interrupt is handled tell whether all interrupts are disabled or not ?if yes why ?if no why? ->As device driver developer when you What is call by value and call by reference? 7. examples 4. this content Interrupts - An Introduction To Microcontrollers - PyroEDU - Duration: 9:30.

Hint:How you will get the heap next free address4.Reverse the words in given strings. Explain About The Linux Device Model (ldm)? Threads are considered lightweight because they use far less resources than processes. 4. About dynamic and static memory 4.about malloc in depth 5.

List some situations when we cannot go with kernel virtual address. - chvishu87 April 06, 2013 in United States | Report Duplicate | Flag Qualcomm Software Engineer / Developer Linux Kernel

Posted by Vishnu Motghare at 7:03 AM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: process vs Thread Older Posts Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Popular Posts Linux Device Driver SONY india questions 1. Spin locks behavior? 7.What is structure padding?How can we eliminate it? 8.If structure padding is efficient why not C language made this as default behaviour? 9. .......................................................................................................................................................... Explain About The Linux Boot Sequence In Case Of Arm Architecture? Memory alloc in linux - kmalloc vs vmalloc 8.

In reality,kernel developers have evolved their own set of required functions, which are all part of the kernel code. Steps involved in creating a C programme executable http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2011/10/c-program-to-an-executable/ 2.Re-entrant functions and Thread safe is explained well at : http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2012/07/c-thread-safe-and-reentrant/ Posted by Hari chukka at 7:26 AM No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share allocation : init function of a module freeing : cleanup function of a module Posted by Ramesh Miriyala at 22:53 Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest 4 comments: blore20 http://phpapp.org/device-driver/linux-device-drivers-3rd-edition-pdf.html syntax: mknodName{b|c} Major Minor Name : name of the device file {b|c} : type of device (ex; char or block device) Major : Major number of the device file Minor :

const volatile int *ptr; *const volatile int ptr; What is the diff . 11. how much memory is occupied by process address spcae. 17.When a same executable is excuted in two terminals like terminal 1 execute ./a.out and terminal 2 executed ./a.out what will the How to register a CHAR driver to kernel? 15. C++ Programming Concepts .

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Information Team, Contact & About Salaries RSS Additional Resources Products Videos Services Usage? 9. Explain Difference between kernerl/user space How system call causes change from user to kernel space Which RTOS worked on.

Camera (or) Sensor device driver Interview Questio... A Very long interview!) -------------------------TECHNICAL ROUND II -------------------------- (30 min) Q1) Introduce about yourself and about your work so far. WIPRO: ->How Memory Management works in KERNEL?(In total about Kernel Memory management) ->Inter Process communication techniques? ->Spin locks working? ->Favorite topics in kernel? ->Tell about interrupts handling in kernel? ->When a CareerCup Questions Forum Salaries Resume Tips RSS Sign In Linux Kernel Interview Questions Page: 1 2 3 Sort By: Date | Number of Comments | Most Recent Comment | Votes 1

More questions on debug and crash point related 10. Open Chat in New Window How Can You Help CareerCup? I2C Protocol and Devicr Driver Interview Questions... Q9) Asked me to correct some logic about deleting a given node in linked list.