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Unpack the tape drive and save the packing materials (see “Unpacking the Tape Drive and Saving the Materials”... Locate a data cartridge that does not contain any valuable information and make sure that its write-protect switch is set to write-enable (see Figure 1-6). 2. Page 15 Figure 1-1 Removing/Installing the Drive From/On the Drive Sled 2. Page 32 Chapter 2: Operating the Tape Drive... http://phpapp.org/device-driver/windows-device-installation-device-driver-software-was-not-successfully-installed.html

Page 24: Figure 1-7 Loading A Data Cartridge Chapter 1: Installation Figure 1-7 Loading a Data Cartridge 3. Page 34: Using The Cleaning Cartridge If there is no cleaning material remaining, discard the cleaning cartridge and use a new one. Be sure each SCSI Note: device on a bus has a unique SCSI address (ID). On the label, you may want to include the cartridge number (log number), date of backup, and format of the tape.

Page 18: Terminating The Scsi Bus, Installing The Tape Drive Chapter 1: Installation Single−ended, 50−pin SCSI drive on channel A Setting the Drive Sled for Single-Ended Operation Figure 1-3 Your system Page 29: Selecting Data Cartridges Video-grade tape can be less accurate than data-grade tape when recording high-density data. Page 13: Unpacking The Tape Drive And Saving The Materials, Checking The Tape Drive Accessories The tape drive’s packaging helps protect the tape drive from shock, vibration, moisture, and electrostatic discharge

Remove the drive adapter and power cables from the 8505XL (see Figure 1-1) and then place the drive on an anti-static surface. 3. The 8505XL uses 8-mm format tapes and installs in most of the existing Silicon Graphics© systems and data storage units that support single-ended, front-loading drives (FLDs). Page 28: Figure 2-1 8505xl Front Panel (green or orange) Tape motion indicator (green) Figure 2-1 8505XL Front Panel You may occasionally observe LED combinations and sequences not Note: described in The video-grade tape is also more abrasive to tape-drive recording heads.

Page 35: Caring For Data Cartridges Caring for Data Cartridges To maximize the shelf life of your tapes and assure data integrity, follow these guidelines when storing data cartridges: • Place Gently push the data cartridge as shown (in Figure 1-7) until the load mechanism pulls the cartridge into the drive. The 8505XL ships with a cleaning cartridge that can be used for up to nine cleanings. Follow these steps to change the SCSI ID of the 8505XL: The 8505XL SCSI jumpers are located in the back of the drive and are Note: covered by the drive sled

Page 10: Typographical Conventions About This Guide Typographical Conventions These type conventions and symbols are used throughout this guide: Italics Screen type Bold Screen type Filenames, variables, IRIX® command arguments, command Page 41: A. Page 39 If you are experiencing operating problems loading or unloading a data cartridge, check the following: • Make sure that your system is turned on. Code examples, file excerpts, and screen displays (including error messages).

Page 3: Table Of Contents List of Tables vii About This Guide ix Typographical Conventions x Installation 1 Products that Support the 8505XL 1 Preparing for Installation 2 Ensuring ESD Protection http://playgroundboston.com/2015/12/30/fedora-driver-for-8505xl/ User input. Page 31: Unloading A Data Cartridge, Resetting The Tape Drive Unloading a Data Cartridge Resetting the Tape Drive The unload button is the only operating control on the tape drive. Page 2 States.

Print This PagePrint ShareShare Url of this page: HTML Link: Bookmark Manuals Brands Exabyte Manuals Storage 8505XL Owner's manual Exabyte 8505XL Owner's Manual 8-mm tape drive. http://phpapp.org/device-driver/device-driver-communications-port-com1-device-preventing.html Page 22: Turning On Power To The Tape Drive, Installing Your Driver Software, Testing Your Installation The 8505XL requires IRIX 5.3, 6.1, or later software for proper operation. If your Note: system already has IRIX 6.1, software driver installation is not required. • testing your installation To install the tape drive properly, follow all of the instructions in this Perform a backup operation to write a small amount of data to the tape (see your IRIX administration documentation, as required). 5.

Description - About Us Press Support Privacy Downloads Upgrade Buy Try Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Spiceworks Kiva Blog Choose your language: Deutsch English English-AU English-UK Espa├▒ol Fran├žais Italiano Latin America Reusing a cleaning cartridge redistributes contaminants previously removed from the tape path. Configuring the Drive Sled for Single-Ended Operation The 8505XL drive sled assembly houses a SCSI channel adapter board. http://phpapp.org/device-driver/device-driver-ide-channel-device-preventing-machine-entering-hibernation.html Orient the FLD and sled assembly so that the connectors on the back are on the bottom half of the drive and face away from you (see Figure 1-4).

Page 26 Chapter 1: Installation... Page 37: Troubleshooting, Problems With Tape Drive Installation • If you have IRIX 5.3, make sure that the additional driver software is installed on the system. Page 12: Preparing For Installation, Ensuring Esd Protection Chapter 1: Installation Preparing for Installation To prepare for installation, follow the steps described in this chapter. 1.

Page 20 Chapter 1: Installation Slide drive lever left to lock sled Drive lever in locked position Installing the Tape Drive Into a Horizontal Drive Bay Figure 1-4...

Sign up! Contractor/manufacturer is Silicon Graphics, Inc., 2011 N. If you have been successfully operating your backup software and tape drive in the past, but are now experiencing problems reading and writing data, check the following: •... Page 25 4.

Table A-1 Drive Specifications Parameter Interface Capacity 8200 format 8200c format Note: This assumes a 2:1 compression ratio 8500 format 8500c format Physical Characteristics Size... If errors have increased significantly since the previous test or if they exceed a certain predetermined threshold, you should rearchive the data to a new tape and discard the old tape. Ensure ESD protection (see “Ensuring ESD Protection” on page 2). 2. http://phpapp.org/device-driver/device-driver-hitachi-device-preventing-machine-entering-hibernation.html Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA 94043-1389.

Page 30: Write-protecting A Data Cartridge, Loading A Data Cartridge Loading a Data Cartridge The EXATAPE 160-m XL data cartridges contain a recognition system Note: stripe located on the tape leader Page 42 Appendix A: Tape Drive Specifications Table A-1 (continued) Drive Specifications Parameter Power and Reliability Input voltages Power consumption Mean time between failure Specifications Standard + 5 VDC and +12 Retrospect Search Products Support Downloads Blog Partners Buy Upgrade Free Trial Support Support and Maintenance Downloads Knowledge Base Documentation Register Contact Us Exabyte EXB-8505XL Date- ManufacturerExabyte InterfaceSCSI Media Type8mm Device Attributeshigh-density, These other combinations represent special or unusual conditions that are beyond the scope of this table.

If a Note: hardware error occurs, press the unload button to reset the tape drive. Page 38: Problems With Tape Drive Operation Chapter 4: Troubleshooting Problems With Tape Drive Operation Most problems with tape drive operation occur with improper cartridge use. The 8505XL uses this stripe to distinguish data-quality metal-particle media, such as EXATAPE, from other 160-m media. After checking all the items listed, reset the SCSI bus by resetting the system.

Page 16: Figure 1-2 Setting The Scsi Id (default Setting Shown) Chapter 1: Installation SCSI ID Figure 1-2 Setting the SCSI ID (Default Setting Shown) 4. Page 21: Figure 1-5 Installing The Tape Drive Into A Vertical Drive Bay Installing the Tape Drive Drive sled Drive Figure 1-5 Installing the Tape Drive Into a Vertical Drive Bay... Checking the Tape Drive Accessories The 8505XL includes the following items: • tape drive •... Page 19: Installing Into A Horizontal Drive Bay, Installing Into A Vertical Drive Bay Follow these instructions to install a half-height front-loading device: Installing Into a Horizontal Drive Bay Follow these

Wait while the tape drive loads the tape, determines the tape format, and positions the tape to the logical beginning of the tape (LBOT). Page 27: Operating The Tape Drive, Reading The Leds Reading the LEDs Chapter 2 Operating the Tape Drive This section includes information about the following: • reading the tape drive’s LEDs It is used to unload the data cartridge from the tape drive (see Figure 2-2).