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Devfsadm Driver Failed To Attach Iscsi

Start NetBackup # /etc/init.d/netbackup start on the media server where you made changes. 9. Each IP host appears as an FC host from the perspective of the storage device. Both methods use the update_drv command and are described in this section. Solution: Verify that the network connection is reachable.iscsi connection(OID) login failed - received invalid login response (OP CODE) Cause: The storage device has responded to a login with an unexpected response.iscsi http://phpapp.org/devfsadm-driver/devfsadm-driver-failed-to-attach-lb.html

So when building the sg driver I'm getting the following error : -bash-3.2# cd /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/driver -bash-3.2# /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/sg.build all -mt 15 -ml 1 The file ./st.conf should be appended to The IP storage module returns only the list of iSCSI targets that the access control policies allow the iSCSI host to access. bash-2.05# iscsi-ls -c ******************************************************************************** TARGET NAME san-fc-jbod-1 TARGET ID 0: ADDRESS =, 128 STATUS = Connected<-> 8/28/2003 09:43:59 SESSION = ISID 00023d000001 TSID 128 PID 463 InitialR2T = Yes Run device configuration wizard to populate EMMwith new devices.

Solved! symbolic-port-name : symbolic-node-name : port-type :N port-ip-addr : fabric-port-wwn :20:41:00:0c:30:6c:24:40 hard-addr :0x000000 ------------------------ VSAN:777 FCID:0x700103 ------------------------ port-wwn (vendor) :50:06:01:60:88:02:a8:2b (Clariion) node-wwn :50:06:01:60:11:02:a8:2b class :3 node-ip-addr : ipa :ff ff ff ff List your iSCSI target information.For example:initiator# iscsiadm list target Target: iqn.2001-05.com.abcstorage:6-8a0900-37ad70401-bcfff02df8a421df-zzr1200-01 TPGT: default ISID: 4000002a0000 Connections: 0 If no connections are listed in the iscsiadm list target output, check the /var/adm/messages

Regards. 0 Kudos Reply Only Library based tape drive Marianne Moderator Partner Trusted Advisor Accredited Certified ‎06-09-2012 12:45 PM Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS Feed Highlight Total pages: 248790 [ 0.000000] Kernel command line: root=/dev/systemVG/LVRoot disk=/dev/sda splash=silent resu me=/dev/systemVG/LVSwap VGROUP=systemVG vga=0x314 [ 0.000000] bootsplash: silent mode. [ 0.000000] PID hash table entries: 4096 White # spaces and ',' can be used in the list of LUN numbers. # # pwwn-lun-blacklist= # "target-port-wwn,lun-list" # # To prevent LUNs 1 and 2 from being configured for Yes.

c3t1d1 /iscsipseudo/iscsi@0/sd@1,1 5. The IP host sends iSCSI commands encapsulated in iSCSI protocol data units (PDUs) to a Cisco MDS 9000 IP storage port over a TCP/IP connection. I dint get this...!!! https://docs.google.com/document/d/12JdD11_FYQPTASk_0l86iyE2CySLx3WhXWJ5NLjYceQ/edit Gigabit Ethernet (GE) interfaces that are appropriately configured on the IP storage module provide connectivity.

OID Is the object ID of the connection or session. Single quotation marks are required in this syntax. # update_drv -a -i '/pci@780/QLGC,qlc@0,1' qlt devfsadm: driver failed to attach: qlt Warning: Driver (qlt) successfully added to system but failed to attach. Regards from Australia Mark Harvey Puneeth Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate ♦ ♦ Re: Unable to access mhVTL from DESC: Cisco iSCSI device driver 3.3.3 PSTAMP: solaris-920030807170521 INSTDATE: Aug 25 2003 23:41 HOTLINE: For contracted support, 1-800-553-2447, Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) EMAIL: For online help, go to http://www.cisco.com/ STATUS:

of initiators permitted: 1 initiator is permitted all initiator permit is disabled target: clariion-lun-3-4-5 * Port WWN 50:06:01:60:88:02:a8:2b Configured node No. Complete these steps to route iSCSI from the IP host to the FC storage device: Transport iSCSI requests and responses over an IP network between hosts and the IP storage module. The most common discovery method is SendTargets. Removing the target from the discovery domain is not sufficient.

Thus, the name server does a zone-enforced query for the pWWN and responds to the query. have a peek at these guys Is iscsi is the only way to share the target? Is iscsi is the only way to share the target? show ips arp interface gigabitethernet 2/1 —Shows IP storage Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) information for a specific GE interface.

Check if NetBackup "sees" newly attached devices # /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/sgscan all (Parse sgscan output with grep or save it into file for further analysis) You should make sure that the number of thanks. show ips stats tcp interface gigabitethernet 2/1 detail —Shows TCP statistics for a specific GE interface. http://phpapp.org/devfsadm-driver/devfsadm-driver-failed-to-attach.html Blog at WordPress.com. %d bloggers like this: Sign In About For Customers Free Tools Home Vulnerability & Exploit Database Vulnerability & Exploit Database Back to search Sun Patch: SunOS 5.10: iSCSI

Topology Diagram from the Fabric Manager This is a sample screen shot of the Device Manager 1.1(2) view on canterbury. iscsi virtual-target name clariion-lun-3-4-5 pWWN 50:06:01:60:88:02:a8:2b fc-lun 0003 iscsi-lun 0003 pWWN 50:06:01:60:88:02:a8:2b fc-lun 0004 iscsi-lun 0004 pWWN 50:06:01:60:88:02:a8:2b fc-lun 0005 iscsi-lun 0005 advertise interface GigabitEthernet2/1 initiator ip address permit !--- Verify that the LUN is visible on an Oracle Solaris initiator host by running the following script. #!/bin/ksh fcinfo hba-port |grep "^HBA" | awk '{print $4}' | while read 1n do

Default zoning has been permitted for a specific virtual storage area network (VSAN) in this configuration.

Assuming you have create your repo lets move forward . All rights reserved. Sign in to continue to Docs Enter your email Find my account Sign in with a different account Create account One Google Account for everything Google About Google Privacy Terms Help c3t1d1 /iscsipseudo/iscsi@0/sd@1,1 5.

Created file ./sg.conf. target# stmfadm create-lu /dev/zvol/rdsk/sanpool/vol1 Logical unit created: 600144F0B5418B0000004DDAC7C10001 You can find the device path for the ZFS volume in the /dev/zvol/rdsk/pool-name/ directory. initiator# svcadm enable network/iscsi/initiator Verify the target's name and IP address while logged in to the server that is providing the target. this content bash-3.00# update_drv -av -i '"scsiclass,08"' sgen ("scsiclass,08") already in use as a driver or alias. -------------------------------------------------------------- hi Mark, Please find the below obns....

Certain Solaris patch levels 'break' sg driver - see http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH56850 Handy NetBackup Links 0 Kudos Reply