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Any ideas on why I only get one open per card insertion? Reply Sunni says: May 8, 2007 at 2:57 am Dave, go get a regeditor, like phmregedit. Can somebody help me??? It's not possible to use it with one GPS software, you need to always run 2 GPS apps or change the settings of the GPS software you want use. this contact form

Anyone with suggestions? Are there more confirmations on this problem? How can i force it to see it. I don't get it. https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=292840

Thanks Vinny Reply Mem says: July 23, 2006 at 2:55 pm Christian Pogea: Thanks for the tip! i am using a O2 XDA minis (i-mate k-jam) and a carcomm Bluetooth GPS when i pair the 2 togeter, the pda only offers me com ports that cannot be found I have Pocket Streets also working, both together at the same time, and with just one running and not the other. Ever wonder what that GPS control panel really does?

And this is happen after turning of the gps device.It is nerved!!! Note: There also is an Android version (OSMtracker (Android)), however there is no association with OSMtracker (despite that someone uses our name). Reply Destroy89 says: March 12, 2007 at 11:17 am hrissan, that is pretty much true for any microsoft application. One other issue I seem to have is sometimes AS won't let me totally access all aspects of the PDA, and this also means getting to the registry to fix problems.

Then all will work again. Is it a joke? Sometimes receiver is discovered, after enter the pairing code, the connection is established for 2 seconds and then the device is disconnected again. I am using RegeditCE Thanks, Barry Reply Sander says: October 25, 2006 at 1:57 pm Hahaha, this is hard laughin!

GPS gate is fine if the Windows has recognized the BT GPS and assigned the same GPS gate input USB port. Everytime after switching off my GPS receiver I have to pair them again. Good luck. Well maybe TomTom doesn't use this so called intermediate driver at all, or???

I've found a post by someone on MSDN forums, saying the emulator can't read USB device(virtual bluetooth dongle made) serial ports?!? I will check back often. any suggestins? Always go with a lower Baud if you are not sure.

BT settings: discoverable: no serial port: unticked | save set bt to COM 0 under wm5 gps settings: gps progam port: com 8 gps hardware port: (none? weblink Once set to COM5 using the other receiver option, it works every time. The Program Port can be any unused COM port. Unit has no mic.

It can not be normal to re-configure all the time the gps device and the com ports??? Reply Peter says: May 6, 2007 at 6:09 am I can't connect my gps-device(HI-406BT) with my pocket pc(spv M3100).I made like said but when i start my gps programm(SiRF) it doesen't One friend of mine told me something with the Bluetooth Stack!To update it??! http://phpapp.org/descargar-drivers/descargar-drivers-qtek-g100.html Help All documentation moved to: OSMtracker/Docs If you have trouble with OSMtracker please read the next section and feel free to contact us in IRC or via our mailing list (see

February 2010: Download Windows PC installer (about 1.2 MiB, both .cab-files are included here) Download PocketPC/Windows CE .cab version (about 620 KiB), Download SmartPhone .cab version (about 620 KiB). Kindly help me get through this problem Thanks Jaikant Reply xjoshx says: July 3, 2006 at 9:53 am How can I enable the bluetooth serial port profile on the Motorola Q Has anybody an idea?

Reply Brian W.

We hope to announce a solution to this very soon. Check the “Serial Port” checkbox and press Finish. I was interated it into WinCe420 platforms and fixed few origin Msft bugs in gpsid.dll that realy may cause some famous applications to fail working via program port. If you have a Bluetooth GPS, you need to set up the Hardware Port yourself (regardless of whether you are using the Intermediate Driver or not).

I can get it to work with the BT module (although it seems touchy) and cannot get it to work when using CF module. Repeat, remove the hide key, add the group key with a dword of 2, and set a Redirect string based value to REG_LINK. Only works with SmartST Basic Driver, not with update to 3.1.6 HP iPAQ rx5720 WM5 yes serial, intermediate 0.4.0 Doesn't work at all with splitter HTC Apache / XV6700 / PPC-6700 his comment is here Tami Reply Kevin says: June 14, 2006 at 11:31 am I also have some problems with the intermediate driver.

Is this behaviour by design? Perhaps a driver or a BT-Stack problem???What ever… After switching off the gps receiver I have to pair it again! I had no trouble connecting a GPS to my Orange SPV M600 running TTN 6, without using the intermediate driver or hacking the registry. Diario del Viajero Xataka Ciencia Trendencias Applesfera Xataka Móvil Motorpasión Moto Papel en Blanco Decoesfera Vitónica Poprosa Xataka Foto Pymes y Autónomos Trendencias Belleza Trendencias Hombre Xataka Android Genbeta Dev Motorpasión

It's seems that new device has this problem (HTC TyTN ). For example, 12345678.NextYou should get a message box saying "Your Smartphone has connected".OKNextCheck the "Serial port" checkbox.DoneDoneMenu/COM PortsSelect your GPS.Menu/New Outgoing Port.Select your device and press Select.You will see a COM